Friday, July 31, 2009

Grand Opening

Songs (in suggested listening order):
Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack (album mix)
Steel Pulse - Bodygaurd (Swishahouse remix)
Reverend & the Makers - Silence is Talking (Alex Metric remix)
80kidz - Miss Mars
The RAH Band - Clouds Across the Moon
Puff Daddy  & The Family - Can't Nobody Hold me Down
Lindstrom - I feel Space
Maino - Gangsta (feat. BG)
Blu - Mars (remix)
Rich Boy - Convertible Status (No DJ)
Mystikal - I'm on Fire
Mac - Soldier Party (feat. Master P)
Jodeci - It's Alright
The Dream - Umbrella (Rhianna reference track)
8ball - Gangsta Love (feat. Tela, MJG, & Gino)
Akbar - Mothaship
Rufus Wainwright - Tiergarten (Supermayer remix)
Chromeo - I Can't Tell you Why (Eagles cover)

Albums (all mediafire):


"For real, I fuck with Trey Songz, no homo."

Weezy: Yeah, I said I'm a whore. I'm a whore. Whatever. And I live it to the fullest. I'm like Trey Songz, no homo.

Vibe: Huh? Why?

Weezy: Every picture of this nigga, he got his fucking shirt off! He's looking at the camera like he's looking at a hoe.. I said, ya know what? Trey Songz don't give a fuck - he be like, Fuck ya'll nig*as! I'm eating, bwoy! Fuck how you think I look in this picture, your hoe love this picture! It's her screensaver nig*a! When you call your hoe, my song play, fool! Holla! Trey Songz I fuck with you, you heard me?

Vibe: So you respect his gangster.

Weezy: I know he a G 'cause I tried to holler at his girlfriend and she said no.

Vibe: Really?

Weezy: I don't even wanna put that man out there, that might not be his girlfriend, but in her mind she think she yours, dog, and she told me no for you, so you's a G. And this wasn't long ago, this was recently, I was the president, I had all that going for me, bitch said NO! She sent me a picture of y'all and everything, like that new video from 50 and Ciara, that's how y'all was.

Vibe: Naked on top of each other?

Weezy: For real, I fuck with Trey Songz, no homo.

Selection of Songz (mediafire)
Big Kuntry - The Baddest (feat. Trey Songz)
Drake - Successful (feat. Trey Songz)
Gucci Mane - Love for Money (feat. Trey Songz & others)
J. Holiday - Bed (remix) (feat. Trey Songz)
Jim Jones - Summer wit Miami (feat. Trey Songz)
Ray L - My Girl Gotta Girlfriend (feat. Trey Songz)
Trey Songz - Barry Bonds (freestyle)
Trey Songz - Best I Ever Had (remix)
Trey Songz - Can't Help But Wait (Swishahouse remix)
Trey Songz - Dreams (freestyle)
Trey Songz - Infidelity
Young Jeezy - Takin' it There (feat. Trey Songz)